Wanda Wester, Steff Gruber, Jack Wright


A young man from Switzerland (the film maker Steff Gruber) returns to a small town in America, having left it five years ago when a love affair came to an abrupt and unhappy end.
With his film team, he tries to fathom the factors which made the relationship break down. His former partner Wanda has since married Jack, but is now divorced.
Steff feels that Wanda has changed a lot, and he finds it difficult to talk to her. When he notices that he too has changed, the conversation shifts its ground. Steff is now more concerned to find out the reasons of the breakdown of her relationship with Jack. In parallel to the tormented relationship that Wanda and Jack act out, Steff lives through his own affaire du coeur with Wanda once more.

Starting from the viewpoint of an analytical observer, Steff gets increasingly caught up in his own problems.
In a dialogue between Jack and Wanda the blocked-up emotions finally break out. Steff tries to intervene as a mediator, but their standpoints are irreconcilable. It is a matter of two different worldviews that clash with one another.
Steff realises that Jack has now taken his place.

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