The film is a portrait of the Swiss photographer Daniel, who lives in Moldova and specialises in photographing girls. Aged between 9 and 14, most of his models come from the neighbouring splinter state of Transnistria. For many of these girls, living in one of the poorest countries of Europe, their work as a model is not only one of the few ways of escaping from the dreariness of daily life – it is also the only way of keeping their frequently fatherless families afloat.
But the portraits of the girls which Daniel makes and publishes for sale on the internet have drawn criticism.
Daniel too finds himself marginalised and pushed to the edge. In the film he talks about how he deals with his feelings, about prejudice and about his work as a photographer of girls.

The film accompanies Daniel in his daily life and work, and shows his pictures, which make a rather harmless impression on the viewer.
But why then do the guardians of morality think these pictures are dangerous?

The film casts a critical light on issues connected with the effects and instrumentalisation of pictures on the internet, and reflects on the transformation of social standards and values which has led to the result that the sensuous beauty of young girls can no longer be shown or viewed in public.
As well as dealing with these aspects, the film highlights the life situation of the girl models and their families. This extended perspective puts the issues in a larger frame.

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