Rainer Klausmann DOP, Steff Gruber


Swiss film maker Steff Gruber and his cameraman Rainer Klausmann are working on a documentary film project in New York. The team is researching the subject of loneliness. There are twelve million people living in New York City; seven and a half million of them are singles. An impressive backdrop for the project.
A whole sector of industry exists here by doing business with loneliness. Countless firms and organisations offer services to singles and people seeking a partner. The film team takes part in specialist courses and events, carries on research at parties and in single bars, investigates the print media, telephone services and even erotic services aimed at the lonely.

With journalistic thoroughness, Gruber follows up these leads and captures it all on camera. To begin with he is just a spectator observing it from a distance. But he finds he is increasingly unable to distance himself from his own emotions.

There was a woman he noticed on the flight out, and he can’t get her out of her head. He only knows her first name, Michèle, and that she is studying music in Boston…
In his own way, Gruber now tries to apply the skills he has acquired in the contact courses he has attended. He decides to go to Boston. There he does the rounds of all the music colleges, and puts up posters enquiring for her.

Finally Michèle contacts him.
The couple fall in love. The story of the film has now got thoroughly involved with Gruber’s own life. Distance is no longer an option.

A few weeks later, Michèle visits him in New York. They talk about their love for one another, and their fears of commitment. It becomes clear that there is no shared future for them to look forward to.

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