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Fire Fire Desire

A love Odyssey in Southeast Asia

The Swiss filmmaker Steff wants to find the love of his youth Malee, a girl he fell in love with about 25 years ago in Thailand.
This is the start of an eventful search which takes him right across Southeast Asia.
On his journey the filmmaker meets various western men which have settled in Asia. One of these expats recognises his ex-girlfriend Malee from a photograph. He thinks he saw her repeatedly, years ago, in the company of a certain American. So the focus of his investigations is transferred to searching for this man, who goes by the name of Roman Guy. He finds out that Guy came to Asia long ago and well-known in the expats scene for the making of his controversial films. But since an accident, in which a girl died, he seems to have disappeared from view.
The filmmaker follows this obscure trail, which takes him to the north of Cambodia. Here, in difficult circumstances, he finally succeeds in tracking down Roman Guy.

Personal Film
DCP, 16:9
120 min. colour
Shooting periodes: 2009 - 2014
Location: Cambodia, Thailand
Original version: English

Director / Producer: Steff Gruber
Based on a original story by Steff Gruber
Photography: Steff Gruber
Editor: Diana Bärmann
Music: Sorn Solinka, Jane Saijai, Dengue Fever, Kaotip Tidadin
Production: KINO.NET AG, Switzerland
Line Producer: Christopher Jarvis
Executive Producer (Thailand): René Appenzeller
Associate Executive Producer (Thailand): Ekchana Nonpala

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