Moon in Taurus

Steff Gruber’s first feature film is the story of a young Swiss who, after absence of five years, returns to a small town in the US state Georgia where a love affair had come to an abrupt and, for him, unhappy end.
He tries to discover the reasons for the break-up of his relationship. His ex-girlfriend has since married and is in the throes of divorce. Parallel to this, he re-lives his own love relationship to this woman. Following a period of analytical observation, he becomes more and more involved with his own problems.

Moon in Taurus is a film without actors, for all the participants act themselves.
Based on selection from 15 hours of documentary materials, the film links fiction and documentation in an original way.

CH 1980
Feature Film
16 / 35 mm blow-up (1.66)
100 min. colour

Location: Athens, Georgia (USA)
Language: English
Subtitles: German, French


Director: Steff Gruber
Script: Steff Gruber
Photography: Andy Humphreys
Editing: Steff Gruber, Beni Müller, Dani Koch
Music: Isaac Albéniz, Ruedi Burkhalter
Sound: Jim Hawkins, Eugen Surbeck

Wanda Linn Wester, Jack Wright, Bonnie T, Steff Gruber and the voice of Jim Herbert

Producer: Steff Gruber
Production: Alive Productions GmbH, Zürich
Distribution: STARFILM (Paramount), Filmcoopi Zurich
World Sales: KINO.NET

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